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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.


Invented in Sweden in the second decade of the twentieth century, cellular concrete was used commercially across Scandinavia and in Germany and the United Kingdom in the 1920s and gained traction throughout Europe and much of the rest of the globe after the Second World War. In these early years, cellular concrete was produced with portland cement, water, and a foaming agent, and used mostly in insulating roof and floor screed applications and in underground pipe installations. It is known for its properties including thermal and sound insulation, as well as being lightweight.
Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is conventional concrete, where natural aggregate (gravel) is exchanged for the best insulation medium available, namely air, embedded in an organic and bio-degradable foam that offers no chemical reaction but solely serves as wrapping material for the air. Consequently CLC behaves, like conventional concrete, in particular concerning curing, hardening and most important “ageing “. CLC infinitely increases its strength by hydration (forming of crystals in cement) as long as exposed to humidity in the atmosphere.

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clc blocks in chennai


CLC is a process based on making air bubbles in the form of a foam and then mixing the foam into a cement slurry.Since CLC slurries have higher cement contents,no autoclave curing is required–instead,the finished product is cured like normal concrete strengthly

aac blocks in chennai


AAC uses aluminum powder to catalyze a reaction that generates hydrogen gas – bubbles formed from the reaction and are trapped in a lime,flyash,gypsum and very small percentage of cement slurry. The slurry is allowed to set and then the product is cut into panels or blocks and placed in an autoclave

light weight filling blocks


Light weight broken AAC blocks are also called as AAC Rubble.AAC broken blocks are best alternative to Light Weight Cinder,Coal lumps,Burnt Tar lumps and other filling materials.Being normally cured cement based product,it continues to gain strength with time so long as some moisture is available in the environment,requiring little maintenance

broken blocks in chennai


AAC Broken Blocks, which are a perfect alternate for bricks in wall masonry. Our AAC Broken Blocks are manufactured as per IS 2185 III quality certifications.Our wide range of AAC Broken Blocks offers a solution that precisely addresses the specific needs of the clients.

water leaks repair mortar


In the Water Repair Mortar worked as the first drop hits the mortar,it soaks in just a bit.When the second drop hits where the first one did,it pushes the first raindrop water a little farther into the mortar.Each successive pounding raindrop pushes the one before it deeper into the wall.



This emulsion has latex dispersion for improving adhesion and strength of all types of commonly used mortars.When blended with cement,the polymer cement mixture provides an apt barrier coating.SBR has excellent Bonding property to mortars,concrete and brickwork.

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We believe that our customers are our most valuable asset and we make sure that they receive what they deserve and that is the best. During our tenure of 10 years in the industry, it has made us to further improve and provide the finest

ALM DURABUILD, a truly environment friendly company provide Cellular Lightweight building material with latest Innovative and International Technology with careful mix design and material batching. Combining good mechanical strength with low thermal conductivity and ease of working. ALM DURABUILD was meant to provide eco-friendly construction solutions to the modern society, “We believe in supporting environment friendly construction”.

DURABLOC CLC blocks is a quality product from ALM DURABUILD, The Manufacturing ARM of ALM & Company which is engaged in Civil Engineering contracts for over 3 decades.

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ALM DURABUILD strives to bring innovative and prefabricated construction technologies to Indian construction industry.

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ALM DURABUILD strives to provide the best training to its employees, which form core of the company.


The laying of block may be started either at the corners first or it may be started from one end and proceed to the other direction. The first course of the cellular block masonry shall be laid with greater care, making sure that it is properly aligned, leveled and plumbed, as this may assist the mason in laying succeeding courses to obtain a straight and truly vertical wall. The joint thickness shall be 10mm.

Do not use chisel and Hammer for chase cutting. Use saw or any mechanized cutting tool for cutting.

The mortar shall not be spread so much ahead of the actual laying of the units that it tends to stiffen and lose its plasticity there by resulting in poor bond.Lay 10 mm thick cement mortar uniformly over bed..

The production capacity is 15,000 cum per annum / 1,500 blocks per day and we are in a position to supply and support project of any size anywhere.

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